Ridgefield House

If you are thinking about making some improvements or renovations to your Ridgefield House, it makes sense to tackle the projects that will give you the most bang for your buck. By investing in certain renovations now, when you sell your home or want to obtain financing, you can get a great return on your investment.

To get the maximum ROI for your home renovations in the Ridgefield Houses real estate market, focus on these projects.


Ridgefield House - beautiful windowsReplacing windows can be a relatively low-maintenance Ridgefield Houses home improvement project to take on. With the right contractor, it’s a quick project that can pack a lot of punch. How do windows give you a return on your investment? First, if you replace old windows with energy efficient ones, you will save money on your energy expenses to heat and cool your Ridgefield Houses home. In addition, depending on the applicable tax provisions in place when you do the replacement, you may be eligible for a tax break for replacing windows. Lastly, new windows give a home an instant facelift and add to its curb appeal, which can help you sell it faster and for a higher price.

Ridgefield House - Beautiful Bathroom


Remodeling a dated bathroom can quickly increase the value of your Ridgefield Houses home. Updating a bathroom can be done relatively inexpensively because you can do some of the work yourself, like painting and adding light fixtures. Use quality materials in spa-like colors, such as beige, olive, and slate, and your bathroom will impress appraisers and potential buyers, alike. Bathrooms are often of the first rooms that people look to redo when they purchase a home, and if you make your home turnkey for a potential buyer, you can demand top dollar for your house.

Ridgefield House - beautiful kitchen



For many families, the kitchen is the busiest room in their Ridgefield Houses house and it’s where they spend the most time. For that reason, it’s often the first thing potential buyers want to see when checking out a home. Remodeling an entire kitchen is a big task, but by doing so you should see a return on your money, plus some, when you sell your home. If you are looking to refinance, improving your kitchen can increase your home’s appraised value. Be sure to choose quality materials and hire professionals to do the job right. Buy the best appliances you can afford. Keep in mind that a kitchen is not a place to cut corners if you want a great return on your investment.

Decks & Patios

BYOB from Zen to ZanyAdding a deck, patio, or great outdoor space can increase the value of your Ridgefield Houses real estate property for a relatively low cost. An inviting deck or patio creates extra living space and adds a room for entertaining and relaxing. You can go basic by using wood materials or go more high-end with synthetic wood materials, or have a stamped or pressed concrete patio installed. Even a basic wood deck done in an elegant way impacts the value of your home in a big way with only a small monetary investment. If you’re handy, this is a project you can tackle yourself. Potential buyers will be drawn to the extra space a great outdoor living area provides and will be willing to shell out extra cash for that added bonus.

~ Lonnie Shapiro ~